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Online codec for live and low delay broadcasts
wGravBr was developed with the best current technology for streaming audio over the internet
There is no need for a fixed IP or configure ports and IPs on your router! Just open and use!
Stream outdoors live and with studio feedback
Link to external broadcasts of football games, live flashes, interviews, services, masses, chamber sessions, home studios, podcast recordings, among others
Using a computer, cell phone or tablet, you can live stream in great quality and from anywhere, even on 3G/4G
Simple operation using the Opus Codec at a transmission rate of up to 128kbps
All broadcasts have studio feedback as they are full duplex / bidirectional!
Find out how it works in our video tutorial on YouTube
New features
Headend Network Generation
InterCom wGravBr
Control your playout system remotely from your cell phone or another computer
wGravBr integrates with your playout system by sending execution commands such as Play, Stop, Next and remotely triggering jingles
PlayIt Live
PlayList Digital
Zara Radio
Pulsar Live 5.0
(Video coming soon!)
Pulsar Live Pro
(Video coming soon!)
Access √ĀudioMaster
(Video coming soon!)
Control of Sysrad or InfoAudio!
For integration with Sysrad (WebCast RadControl) or InfoAudio (Inforemote), contact the sales team of your playout system.
InfoAudio (InfoRemote)
Sysrad (WebCast RadControl)
Our app is now available for Computers and Mobiles
Download Windows
Android cell phones
Disponível no Google Play
iPhone, iPod e iPad
Download on the App Store
Support for multiple speakers
In wGravBr you can have up to 4 simultaneous connections
Compatibility with all devices
Support for computers, phones and tablets: Android, iOS, Window and Linux
WebM/Opus audio recording supported on computers only
Plans and prices
wGravBr is a paid service (via PayPal)
Audio broadcast only: USD$18/month
Audio broadcast + playout remote control: USD$22/month
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